Thursday, August 30, 2007

Salty Diver - Club Meet - Garrick and Brusher Workshop

Next week (Friday 7th September) is the Salty Divers Club Meet and we will have a workshop on Garrick and Brusher hunting.

Believe it or not there are some techniques to shooting Garrick, and Brusher well they are another story. We will go over the when, where, how and with what .... And then ...... we will have a compo. Its kind of becoming a tradition to have a Garrick and Brusher spearfishing comp, and what makes this year any different??

I thought I would spice it a up a little, and make it more interesting. However I need to organise with sponsors before I let the cat out the bag.

I did have high hopes that this week was going to produce some good point diving with high tides in the morning. But the sea has been on its ear!! The winds look like they are moderating and maybe the water will come right aswell.

See ya

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