Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dreaming Dreaming Dreaming of Mozambleak

Mozam ..Bleak Dreams
I woke up this morning with the intentions of diving, but my head was spinning thinking of work and the pressures of life. (Sound familiar?) And all of a sardine it looked as if a dive would be more hassle than a good thing, as if that could ever happen!!
So anyway I hit the office early while the mates were chilling on the drop off, sorted some things out and realised that there will always be piles of poo to sort out. This is just a reality....... so I might as well just dive!

I will try remember this next time I feel under the whip ..... promise!

Anyway I was finding a file on my pc and came across some Mozam ..bleak pics. And all I wanted to do was just escape, turn the cell phone off disconnect the mail and evaporate from this world for some Mozambleak bliss.

There is hope!!
But it is 4 months away :-( until then I'll be dreaming dreaming dreaming of Mozambleak

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Unknown said...

Yours is real life mine was only a dream, in my dream I just can't get to the waters edge, I was on a mission to go and fish but never got there. It sucks.