Friday, August 24, 2007

Brusher Season

Well we have had an epic week as far as conditions go. The water has been clean, and the sea & wind have played along as well. The west is blowing now and this might make for great diving tomorrow again.

The gamefish have been quiet tho, the odd snoek and the rumors of cuta!!
If you saw my post yesterday you would have read that I did not get in, I felt miff the whole day, especially when having to drive past the sea.

I decided to rid myself of my mornings sins and jump in after work. With only an hour and the tide going out, it was more for the hell of it. I have not spent any time this winter looking for Brusher and I had heard of a few sightings along the coast. So I added a few weights to my belt grabed my reel gun and jumped in off the point near my house.

The water was a little to clean for Brusher ... but hey I was not complaining. I realised that I did not have enough weights on the belt and was getting washed around abit. Never the less about 10min into the dive while hanging near a proven brusher spot I saw a nice cracker in the white water. I dived straight down into a crack and waited. I have learn't that you can not chase these fish at all. And as Bobs your uncle in comes mister Brusher to have a look, well he got a spear through the gills!!

I suppose this must be a sign for me to stop chasing the Cuta and start hunting some winter fish?? Next Cuta Brusher must be one of my best fish to hunt, they are elusive and take a real 'hunt'. You need to knowing the cracks,and have a strategy its not just floating along waiting for something to swim into you ..... like Garrick!!

6kg White Muscle Cracker - AKA Brusher

Any way tomorrow is another day and we will see what the sea brings!

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