Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where is the Fame Wreck off Ballito?

With the good vis Morne and I went to look for the Fame Wreck off Ballito. I had very good marks for it and even in bad vis was able to know which side of the wreck I was on.

But it has gone!!! Thats right Poof vanished the Fame Wreck is no longer where it was. I am sure that a couple hundred thousand ton two story high trawler does not just vanish. So where is it??

Rumors say it is off Boulders some where ........ I would love to find out!!!

The Fame Wreck off Ballito used to be a favorite Dagga hunting spot. And guys have got some good cuta and Kingies on line there aswell.

The wind looks like it might hold off for an arvo dive. Tomorrow the west is going to pump and hopefully will keep the good water around.




Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! This is prob old news by now, but we went up in a microlight to find the fame after the storms! Yes, it did move, about 240m from where it used to lie! If you want to find out where, i run a dive centre in Umhlanga called 36degrees, give us a shout!!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys found the wreck yet!!