Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Its a Hard Life!

This week looks like a pearler, I got in last nite and water is nice and clean. I took my 9 year old son Braidy for a dive hoping to get him to get a Garrick. No Garrick but we saw a rather large snoek, it did want to get speared and darted away with out Braidy or myself getting a shot off.
Snoek - They are such bad sports!
We still had fun pulling some buggs, playing with an Octopus and watching life underwater pass us by.

I should have dived this morning, but work has been a bit hectic. But I am not too stress as it looks like we might dive every day this week. A light west today and light variable winds till the weekend. So lets see what happens!!

Other News-

Wahoo Winter Game Fish 2007 - The winter Game Fish is only a week and a bit away and things are hotting up!! The guys are already storming the shop sorting out their kit for the comp.
Iain and crew were up at Vidal this weekend and he dropped a Marlin. So having your kit in top condition is paramount.
Late July going into August is a good time to be up there coz anything can happen. Some times the Wahoo are on but most the time you are after the large return cuta. I know of a number of guys that highlight this time of the year for Vidal, so it will be interesting to see what fish are going to come out on the day.

Shark Week - Just something of interest... Discovery Channel has a whole week of shark programs in Shark Week. Some of the shows are premiers and are showing for the first time. There is one called Deadly Stripes .. shot off Aliwal Shoal with Mark Addison. I will be making a plan to see that one for sure. Check this link- Shark Week

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