Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whats Going On !!!!

A day or so ago the water was crystal clean! Now its poo brown? The east did not pump and this is not from the swell, or from any rivers. So whats going on?

The brown water looks like it goes out a long way as well, my only guess is that it is an upwelling of some sort. Bringing in murk water from off the shelf?? The east normally brings this in, but this is just bizzurk.

Any way the forecast does not look too promising, with no southerlies due until next week. There is a size low pressure a couple days from the cape, but it looks like it might slip under us. The swell looks to be subsiding and if we can find some cleanish water the dive might be on. Strangely the Bluff was still fairly clean yesterday, lets hope the murk water does not get there .... or makes a disappearing act up here.

And now to wet your appetite!!
Remember Rory ... the guy with all the luck .... I mean snoek, from Monday morning. Remember him? Well he sent me a cool web link to a site by a fellow spearo Roger Horrocks. Roger is documenting the sard action and has some epic pics of sharks and the like on his site. Go check it out .....Roger Horrocks

Let me know whats going down.....


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