Monday, June 11, 2007

Sordwana Game Fish Comp

I have started getting some feed back on the Sordwana Game Fish Comp - "Blue Water Gamefish Challenge"

Although the reports I have been hearing is that it was more like the "Green Water Gamefish Challenge"

That aside every one I have spoken to said the comp was well organized and went off really well. I have been involved organizing a few comps and it is not easy. So weldone to the
Pietermaritzburg UnderWater Club.

Andy Henwood sent me a quick report back:

Hey Chris,
Dived with John little, Edward hayman and craigo. we went right up north to elusive - that reef in the bay past island rock. the water was miff yellow - the worst i've seen sodwana. edward got a cuta quickly and that was that. we dived all the way home stopping everywhere but still that same shitty water. John and edward had got some nice fish diving the canyon while scouting on thursday, the water was miff untill about 50 foot then very clean water under. The fish were at about 80 foot and Edward got some big kaakap and tropicals. When I joined them on friday the miff water had moved in properly. We couldn't stay out long though because we had to get back to help set up for the comp so we hit the beach at about 10:30.
The guys that went south had better water and with it - some fish! Some of the guys from the maritsburg club were diving just south of the point on a small patch of reef on back line and got stuck into the fish with an hour to go! Danie landed the winning fish - an Iggy of 42kg, pete lost one about the same size, greg got one of 13kg + a 6kg springer and craig burmister got a pike of 12. Pete also nearly got noshed by a tiger it came at him and he jammed his gun down it's throat and it bit down on the handle.


As far as the weather is concerned, this week looks a whole lot better than last week. With moderate southerlies dominating all week. So we should get some good spearfishing or even some surf.

If you have any more stories from the "Blue Water Gamefish Challenge"please just mail them through, I know the guys love to read about comps and things.


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