Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Epic Winter Morning

Well its not that it was undiveable, I am still nursing the aftermath of the flue. I suppose the upside is that I did not miss out on an epic diving condition ..... except Monday morning ... sob.

The sea was looking lovely this morning, gentle offshores grooming a 4ft ground swell. The tide was high at 7bells and made a point dive possible, but no luck for the surfers.

The swell is dropping and the second system that looked like it might push swell this weekend is heading out to sea. Good news for fishermen and divers, looking to hit the sardines.
The only bummer is that there are going to be some light east winds which could mess the vis up. Not good!

By the look of things conditions will be good out deep this weekend, might be worth looking for some deep shoals of sardines or hit the shoal.

Catch you later

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