Thursday, May 17, 2007



Blasted thermocline!!

I got up this morning early bells expecting it to be clean. Was halfway through kitting up when my faithful spearfishing buddy pipes up "damn I have to go and get my gun"

This was a sign!

Anyway it was early so by the time he got back and in our kit it was still dark. We hit the beach and started to swim, the water was nice and warm and I was hopeful that by the time it got light we would be on the drop off 20min swim away.

But this was short lived, we were quiet far out when a freak ...'blinking freak' wave landed on my head! I mean it squared me up on the pip, I did not even see it coming ..... I suppose it was dark! It reminded me of those school yard fights when so pleb to scared to face 'Bitch slapped' you from behind. Whamo! 'Bitch slapped' properly ...... oh flip! where is my mask!!!

This was the second sign!

Not only was I Bitch slapped but pick pocketed as well!

So we turned around, went back to the car and  got a back up mask and snorkel.  Only thing was that  the spare snorkel that i usually carry an old Picasso  snorkel  was not there.

Another Sign!!

Just some 'Vaalie' snorkel with some dumb-ass value thing! Thinking that it would be fine, we ran back down and jumped back in the surf. It was only now getting light ... just a little.

I ducked under the first wave and realised that this damn snorkel was terrible. It felt like there was something stuck in the pipe and restricting the air flow. 'Light Bulb' Its a blinking 'Vaalie' snorkel some bright spark bubble blower had designed the thing with valves to 'Help' purge the water. ...Or more like to simulate breathing with a faulty BC.

This was another Sign ...... It amazes me how stubborn I am! Most guys by now would have turned and hit the beach. Do you think God is trying to tell me something???

So we pushed through ...... I was out of breath when we hit back line and it was like I was trying to breath through a straw. Nevertheless we still had some time ..... about 40min or less. So I figure we will go halfway out grab one or eight buggs quick ..... (my mates is having buggs at his wedding) what we do for mates??

Some how I dont notice that I cant see the reef below  ..... still dark??

I check some land marks figure I am near to a nice drop in the reef that produces some fish. Pull my head out the water to take some normal breaths to try and relax. Set my watch so I can check the depth and hence my location on the reef, and dive down.


The siffist thermocline ever!! I did not even hit the bottom. By the now the sun was up nice and orange ..... enough light .. if it was clean. I decided to see what the vis was on the bottom ...... maybe I would get lucky and still pull one or ..... two ( not eight) buggs.

I dive down again. Thud I come to a grinding hult on the bottom as my head smashes into the reef. Ok here it is .... hey where did everything go?? It was only 11m and it was pitch black I could not even see my hand in front of my face.

So we turned around swam for the beach, fought against a current, got drilled by some more waves ... the whole time while breathing through a straw ....... by the way who's dumb-ass 'Vaalie' snorkel is that?? And How did it land up in my bag??

We hit the beach out of breath ... well I was and muttered how kuk things were.

My faithful mate who had come along for this joy ride, put it all in perspective.
"You could have woken up in Joburgh"

Enough said!


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