Friday, May 4, 2007

Spearfishing Vis report


It is a pearler ..... that is if the water was clean!

Its muck! I cant work out if it is just bad water or the poo that is still pumping into the sea. The fact that most of the coast is muck, makes me think that it is the sea. I kind of get the feeling that a good strong cold front could set things back in motion. But with the high pressure system over the coast it will be a couple of days before a low pressure will be able to penetrate up our coast line.

There looks like there could be swell, but with the easts all weekend .. tho light and the banks been a mess I doubt any decent surf will be around.

But as for me I am not too worried, I will be in Mozambique!! ....... So I should have some stories to tell when I am back. Shaun Reid will be doing the updates while I am away and I will try send him news from Mozambique while we are away.

Also dont forget tonight is Club nite and we will be watching Shaun's dvd from his sordwana trip .... great stuff.


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