Wednesday, May 9, 2007

South Good North Bad

Got this from Rory Down the south cost

Hi Chris

For your info – water on middle south coast has been pretty clean over weekend although a bit patchy in places.  Dived Umzumbe on Saturday and it was awesome at 20-30m viz with a few small cuda around but not really happening fish wise.  But get this – I heard from a mate of mine that a 240kg marlin was speared  on 19 fathoms (stone dead) and was too big for the little duckie the guys were on….they had to call one of the Shoal dive boats to get it loaded.  Don't know who the speoro was.


North coast is still not that great water is green and the waves small, I went fishing off blue lagoon this morning and got 2 snoek I also lost 2, so they are around. I have still heard of the odd cuta coming out. Interesting news I heard on the fishing Report this morning is that the Garrick have been coming out on the south cost, so early Cuta Early Garrick lets hope for a big sardine run this year!

I will give a couple guys down south a call today and post it up tomorrow

Shaun Reid

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