Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bog Bay

Finally Bog Bay had wave to surf!

Nothing overly special, the swell was perfect, some sets almost 6 ft - but the banks are still shot. The swell was breaking off the outside brick on Bog point and breaking quiet deep out. It wasn't really running but I did surf 2 waves to the rock at Bathers Beach.
I had some nice hairy take-offs on the brick ....... I suppose that made the session worth while!

I had a call from the "South Coast Slayer" and he reports that the Garrick are in full force just north of the Kei. Large shoals of Garrick came past him on a recent dive and he said he got his 2 Garrick in about 5 min. He said that all through the dive the Garrick were around, but he did say that most of them were under the 10kg mark. Garrick never the less.

The water at home is cleanish probably ok for a point dive once the swell subsides. The weather looks great for the next few days with the swell dropping through the day becoming small on Friday.

I will probably be looking to get in for a point dive with tides becoming high in the morning.

Thats all for now,


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Anonymous said...

Just my luck - The water is clean and the fish are around, and I'm stuck overseas for two weeks!