Monday, April 16, 2007

Spearfishing update

Hey Guys,

Sorry the updates have been slow and erratic lately, my adsl has been down, and I have had to sneak reports from my cell and other hijacked computers.

I was up at Sordwana yesterday and we had a dive, epic conditions. You could see the surface from 30m, but unfortunately the current was very slow and fish action was also slow. I chased a few dart cuta swimming on the bottom, but they wern't too keen on having sprung steel in them.

That said Mike Cook had a Marlin swim up to him. He lined up and gave it a good shot. The spear didn't go through and he lost it. I think with the clean water the fish was a little further away than he expected and ... well thats were the big guns are a help.

I also got into the waster at Christmas Bay, the water was miffy and the North South was pushing. And there is a lot of sand on some of the 10m ledge, infact we totally missed it altogether.

There is hope for this week with some southerlies tomorrow and Thursday .... so lets keep an eye out.
Did any of you get in this week end, let me know what went down.


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