Monday, March 26, 2007

Surf and Dive Report

Howdy folks,

The sea is still Poo brown in Ballito and Salt Rock ..... excuse the pun on Poo. Siza Water the chaps who look after the sewage system said that some ridiculous amount of raw sewage is being dumped onto our beaches daily.

I hope the guys start making a plan soon! And even more interesting will be the local governments response to calls of help to fix things up.

That aside the North Coast Board Riders meet on Saturday for a local surf search. Ans as allways we were blessed with great surf. We went about 30km up from Ballito to try get away from the Poo water .... some how it did not stop my sinuses going for a ball of poo!!

We found a great Left break in a bay that only ever breaks right ... ???

The wave was nice and round and most guys got a couple of barrels and beatings.

There are other cool trips and get aways coming up so go and check out the web site for more details: North Coast Board Riders

Cheers for now

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