Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Huge Surf Rocks Coast

If you have not seen it your self you would not believe it! The damage is unreal, the surf has totally hammered our coast.

I have put up a web album with some pics from the mates. They are wild, but some how jut dont do justice to the actual size of the surf.

The worst does seem to be over now, with the swell dropping as we speak and the tides moving off Springs. Some of the tides were at 2.28m high ...thats flipp'n high! And to have that co-inside with the huge swell is a freak of nature!

Anyway while we were getting hammered by swell the news of a giant blue fin tuna has surfaced. It was 292kg a potential World record.

Some how I dont think we will be getting in the water for a couple weeks .... I guess my running shoes are going to see some action!

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