Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Surf and dive report

For some reason my mail did not go through to the site yesterday. I have attached it below.
The surf was brilliant yesterday, two of us out at a semi secret left point break, with some serious stand up backhand barrels coming through. I did not make it out a single barrel, but they were one of the best back hand barrels i have had in more than a year. One no hands barrel was the best I have ever had.
Marcus on the other hand had a couple of barrels which he made, the one was right in front of me .... epic!!
I also had a call from a mate who went fishing up at Tinley side, they got a couple of cuta ... good news, but the sharks were thick and they lost allot of fish. I heard a similar story of the fish that were coming out off the bluff last week, were the guys were getting less than half their fish from the sharks.
Anyway I have been keeping an eye on the cyclone and it does not look like it is going to be as strong as we first thought. However it will probably still be undivable until Monday or Tuesday.
Maybe some more barrels,

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From: Chris Coates <>
Date: Feb 27, 2007 5:52 AM
Subject: Surf and dive report

I am sitting at a good point break with the odd left thundering across
the bay. The swell has not gotten huge yet but it is strong. The sea
is a little unsettled still so its not perfect. Will let you know how
it goes. Coatesman

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