Thursday, February 1, 2007

Spearo report

Well I am officially slack,
I got up this morning, and the East was already coming up. So I went back to bed. But on driving to work I saw the sea actually looked OK. In fact the first thing that went through my mind was ...Cuta conditions!
And I am sure if any die hards got in they would have got the fish.
strangely last night I was chatting to my wife Michelle, and we wee talking about making time for things. And noted that some guys always complain that they don't get to dive .... because they start work at 8, or this or that. Well it boils down to one thing and its not time, its how badly do you want that fish!!!
I have given my last 10 or so fish away .. its been that good. So I really don't need another fish ...... I suppose that's why I did not get up this morning. I didn't really want it badly enough.
But now I feel like i have missed out ...... amped already for tomorrow!

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