Monday, February 5, 2007

Salty Divers

Hey all,
We had a great club nite on Saturday at Angelo's. The food was good and most of all the evening was well supported.
We had a good mix of regulars and some new faces, unfortunately the rugga did make it difficult for some to get to the meet. Sorry about that guys, when we planed the evening a couple months ago we had no idea about rugby fixtures.
Anyway we did have a great time, some of the highlights were getting our new club shirts ..... which are super rad thanks to Steve Farrer for organising everything and checking all was good; Leisle Friend for the great Cartoon on the back; Turtle Shagga for the cool punch line and Dale Peterson from Massive Clothing.
We also honoured the club member who really gave it stick! Coatesmans Spearfishing sponsored a 1.4 Freedivers Railgun which will now get properly used and abused in the hands of Mr Shaun Reid.
Shaun as you all know dominated the Garrick and Brusher comp, even claiming a new club record Brusher. He also has the most posts on the forum and has diligently contributed to story's and pics on the site. To top it all, he is the keenest dive of us all, getting in when ever, and in what ever - even when it is mirk he would say " I like it like this its good for fish"
The Vidal Club trip in March. This should be a great trip, the fish are usually on at this time and weather is at its most predictable. We have 2 fishermans cabins booked. The one is already fully booked and the other is still empty. Barracuda /(I think this is the one .. it's the big one at the end) is still open. The booking is from the Thurs 22nd - Sunday 25th. the Wed is a public holiday and we are trying to make a plan for that nite. We are however needing boats! We have one that can take 4guys but I think those spaces have been hooked already. Please let me know if you are wanting to come and if you have a boat.
Underwater hockey!!! There is a bunch of guys and gals who are getting underwater hockey going up our way. There is one small detail and that it is up at Darnall. apparently it is the only tiled pool in the area?? I am keen and if we can get a bunch together and pile into a car it wont be too bad. Please let me know if you are keen.
A new thang we are going to try, and that is every alternate month have a club meet in Durban. We have at least half our members from the greater Durban area and want to make it easier for them to get to meetings / socials. For us Saltie boys ..its road trip time, and should be fun.
So the next club meet Friday 2nd March will be at my place as usual. The following meet will be in Durban on Saturday 7th April, and so on and so forth. I will get a list of all the dates out .... some time :-)
There was something else I was supposed to remember .... damn snorkelitis .... it makes me a little dim :-)
Not a train smash I will remember sometime and get to write another news letter ... all good!
So long

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