Friday, January 26, 2007

North Coast Spearfishing Report

Hey guys,
Sorry I have not been on the ball early this morning. I just had to sleep in, as the last week has been superb conditions for diving. That means 3.30 wake up calls a couple hours of diving and lugging fish back along the beach and then off to a full days work. So a good rest was welcome.
However the sea looks ok after the north east yesterday, and from experience this is often when the cuta are on. The last few days have seen a couple of cuta, but it has been the snoek that have been thick. One guy even got 9 good size snoek on Wednesday.
It looks like the east is going to pump again today, with a small south west on Saturday. So we should be in the mix by Sunday again.
Cheers foe now,
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